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                                                        Singer song writer Entertainer

Grant Hart was born in Gnowangerup in 24-4-1957 and grew up on a farm near Ongerup, a small town on the south west tip of the West Australian wheat belt area. He lived on a farm that grew wheat and sheep for a living. No one in the family was musical and when Grant was 11 he had piano lessons for a year. He then went to high school and never did anything musical until he was about 19 when his mother bought him a piano just because she thought he should have one . He dabbled a bit on the piano but his whole world changed when his wife to be at the time bought him a Guitar for his 21st birthday. Once he could play 1 chord he was hooked for life with an obsession to play guitar that is as strong today as it was way back then. He joined the local Band in Ongerup as the bass guitarist in 1978 and played all the usual Town halls, Cabarets and sporting clubs dances in the surrounding areas. (from Albany to Newdegate and all in between). In 1979  Grant, his best mate, his cousin and a lead guitarist from Jerramungup formed a band called “Clay Palace “(named after the old mud brick farmhouse they used to rehears in twice a week) and in the first year saved enough money from there gigs to record their first all Original Album at a big studio in Perth. At this stage he juggled running his business and learning and rehearsing as much music as he could. Having been self employed from the age of 19 Grant is a jack of all trades, starting off as an apprentice mechanic and then doing farmhand work, rural fencing contracting, shearing shed roustabout and also was a bit of an inventor as he loved to build farm machinery like tipping trailers and different types of hay moving equipment. When his music career really started to gain momentum he at the time owned the local Roadhouse and restaurant in Ongerup. His first solo recording was a four song tape featuring 1 original song and 3 songs Grant co wrote with a well known local Poet named Dixie Solly. It was a great success and the beginning of Grant's recording career.                                                                        

At the age of 27 he decided to move to Perth and try his luck as a Professional musician. His timing was perfect as Perth was gearing up for the 87 Americas Cup bid in Fremantle. Grant worked as a piano bar specialist in those early times due to the fact that many venues were revamping there Hotels and putting in Grand pianos to cash in on the hordes of people expected for the Americas Cup. They never came but it gave all the muso,s heaps of work for a long time. As Grant loves to put it “ Just lucky I guess”.

Grant's solo career as an entertainer was well established and he played all over Perth in all types of venues from the Sheraton to Pubs, Clubs, local markets, Food halls and all venues in between. Even though his Perth career was going very well he still loved to go back to his brothers farm and help him do seeding and harvest and it was the harvest of 1991 that things changed. It was a very wet start to the summer harvest and a lot of time was spent sitting around waiting for the weather to fine up. So one wet morning Grant wrote a song called “Moister Meter Misery”. It was an immediate success at the local Katanning radio station and was the beginning of a new era of recording Country/farming style of music.

Grant enjoyed a lot of air play and support from the ABC in West Australia and some other local WA radio stations.  On the back of this success Grant has worked all over West Australia and has twice travelled around Australia living in a caravan with his wife and young children. Grant has performed at the Tamworth country music festival many times and it was here he got his first Recording contract in 2009. His first Record Company CD was released in Tamworth January 2010 and is currently receiving air play up and down the East coast of Australia. Grant is a very versatile musician who describes himself as a jack of all trades because he plays the Guitar (bass, acoustic, electric rhythm and lead) Piano, harmonica, Saxophone and is very competent in the Recording studio as he has recorded some great albums for other people.

Apart from the country music which he is well known for, he has just released a fabulous Rock n Roll album for the growing number of people taking up Rock n roll and jive dancing. He plays a lot of Gigs around Perth in the dancing scene and has written lot of new songs especially for the dancers with a great Rock n Roll beat.

He also spends a lot of time on the Gold Coast working as a session musician for his fabulous new record company KROSS KUTT Records.

All in all he is the real deal as far as MUSOS go because he just lives and loves to play music and with his entertainment make  people happy.